Prostitute Mickey 6

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Hey Guys! JonnyEthco Here.

A bunch of people wanted me to make another one of these so we did. I love writing night when we do these becasue I usually end up on the floor laughing. I kind of hate the art style now though... well hate is to strong of a word for it but I guess I feel I grown out of it. I really want to create more stuff that looks like "You Wanna See My Pecker" rather that this.

But still, we had a blast making this as we always do when we get to play in a fucked up world. However this is probably the last Prostitute Mickey I'll ever do. So watch, enjoy, share and masturbate.

I love U fuckers!

-Jon Etheridge


I guess I was one of that bunch, huh? It's just that you did more than one of these, and we just met, so I had to equate your name to what you've produced... This was epic, mortifying and the kind of dark humor no one seems to make anymore. It's a fitting way to close the book on those assets.

The best part of the whole script, was the last line of text, in the credits of the in-movie. 5/5

I'm scared...

Why does this remind me of Squidbillies so much? Also great voice acting, especially on Goofy.

Love how warped this series is.

Give me the heroine JOE!

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4.19 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2014
11:59 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody