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Gas and Air Arctic Expedi

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Gas and Air: Arctic Expedition - As the explorer and famous botonist, Dr T. S. Winklebottom, your expedition to the poles has taken a turn for the worse. Now you must battle against the elements and collect enough gas to survive this forsaken place.

Use momentum and inertia to earn money to upgrade and beat the highscore! Click and hold the mouse to move towards the arrow, but be careful not to run out of gas! Lucky for you, a container ship has overturned and there's plenty of barrels floating in the sea. Pick these up to refuel, but be careful not to crash!

Created by http://triplevisiongames.newgrounds.com/
Sponsored by http://www.airplanegames365.com/


The graphics are cool (except for the logos and red links, those are quite a pain in the eye), but that's pretty much it.
The concept is nothing new. The gameplay is not very good since it is quite hard, the gas is consumed quickly, getting the floating barrels is nearly impossible and there is too little playing space (half of the screen is water). I don't know whether there are any checkpoints, I haven't gotten very far because playing the same level over and over with upgrades that only last for one flight just gets annoying quickly.

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nice game (the fuel floating in the water is rather hard to get because so little actually sticks out, good art, funny music that fits just right.

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3.05 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2014
2:59 AM EDT
Skill - Other