Galactic Paperboy

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Blast the rocket through space delivering newspapers. Made for Ludum Dare 30.

The mouse controls all gameplay. Press M to toggle sound.

You get one go per level. Once in orbit, you can launch newspapers at 90 degree angle by clicking the mouse button. Papers burn up if they travel too far, so pick appropriate flightpaths!

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It took me a few tries to get the controls right but it turned out to be a good game. Great Job.
P.S. add a better instructions screen!

Ah, I get it. Cool game!

This is a good game and for all of you complaining about only one per go READ THE RULES FOR THIS LUDUM DARE!

I don't get it... It's a good basic idea, much neater than Cygnus, but you basically toss it away because you didn't finish it by the Ludlum Dare dates?

Plenty of people here "finish" & "polish" their Ludlum Dare submissions, and I think you should too! It's worth (almost) 3 stars as-is. I'd take away an extra star for no in-game explanations other than "It bad, don't look", but others have reamed you for that already.

You still made it onto the Featured list despite that... if that doesn't motivate you to finish it, you may as well give up coding entirely. Giving up so near the finish line is so much worse than not trying!

Aaants responds:

I'm not canning the game - I can't update this because it has to stay as it is while people vote on the competition ;)

as you can tell the game is either incomplete or something went screwy during the posting of it. seems like it might be fun lil bit bit of the launching around gravity etc. but yeah no tutorial level for me no practice or retry no explanation on actually delivering papers what to press ... not until i saw your author comments. but still i just really doubt you made it this bad so i'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that something went screwy b4 posting the game. it feels incomplete and it has kinda an angry bird whatever that genre is feel and they usually have a retry button and a menu of the levels and ii feel like u probably did. if not then dude! do some homework on making games! :)

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2.79 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2014
9:45 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other