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Hammer Man

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Made for Ludum Dare 30
Theme: Connected Worlds

[A] Jump
[Z] Slam
[UP]+[DOWN] Switch Worlds

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That's all?

GuyUngerNL responds:


The ending was anti-climatic. Even if the story itself never has a tension point, the game is ridiculously easy, though the portal implements and the teleporting through backdrops is really cool.

The camera is iffy and nauseating and causes my eyes to hurt (because I'm tired), I would say that you need to fix that as my top priority, though a story needs to be present, if not then I believe it takes away from the game.

The music (can't remember it clearly, as it was such a quick game) didn't match the atmosphere and from what I remember, it didn't change. The music for this game, I believe should change between backdrops and either have a fast pace to it, or a creepy feel if the story line needs it.

It needs a lot of work, but you obviously have the skills to make a game, so if it was worked on, I think it could become quite decent.

WAY too short, and the framerate issues are horrible.

This might pass as a proof of design, but for the moment its not really a game.

frame rate of two on a one year old desktop. no stars

First time I played, I down-warped at the moving platforms near the end. This put my character in front of "the end" which counted at as reaching it, making it seem as though warping after some arbitrary point made the game suddenly finished for no reason. Also, you can destroy the block near the start without falling down by staying to the side, and this opens up the wall behind you, letting you fall out of the world.

Background characters were neat, and the environment was nice looking in general. Main character looks alright too, though the dust clouds tend to glitch and appear under him when using the hammer, and especially when jump-slamming. Music and sounds are fair. Would appreciate a more consistent selection of font.

This is basically a test level for a game that didn't get finished, which for a Ludum Dare entry can be expected, that doesn't make it better to play through. An extended version where you go through some actual puzzles once the basic mechanics are down could be a lot nicer. Does make me curious what you make when given more time, so that's good. I see you also made The Mind, which left me feeling similarly. A two-week project could be worth taking on, I think.