Ethernet Quest

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A little backstory:
You play as a deity worshiped by many - an ethernet cable. Your sole task is to connect the boring mundane world with the wold of fun and cats - The Internet.
Avoid dangerous obstacles on your journey and collect mysterious energy orbs on your way. And if you'll find yourself in trouble don't hesitate to teleport into the world of Ether were nothing can stop you.

This game was developed for the Ludum Dare 30 compo, please enjoy.

w/s or up/down arrows - movement
left shift - accelerate
spacebar - become invulnerable... for a time
left mouse button - close spam windows

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So its time to review a game made by a newbie. I have to be not too harsh. (++ The Main Strength)For a newbie developer, you have actually developed a game that has a good potential, the spam ads that block your view and the need to close them adds creativity. (-- Major Flaw)The handling of moving the cable is "zero", which is an important aspect in dodging games. (= The Neutral)Its a Ludum Dare game, i dunno if the lack of any sound is due to Ludum Dare contest's restrictions in your game. The Advice:Try to play the flash game called Frantic, its a dodging game too, but it will teach ya how to make a good dodging game, try not to go Ludum Dare with your inexperienced skills because those contests are a competition. Final Words:There be thy day when thou are skillful enough, that thy Ethernet Quest 2 be in Front Page as 5 star ratings possess thee.

How ever odd it may sound, i gave it a good rating because it made me so infuriated i played for a whole 30 minutes only to rage quit. once i realized i played this game longer then most under judgment games on newgrounds, I knew i owed it too you. Good job.

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4.00 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2014
8:15 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid