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Musical Trade Route

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First Composition 5 Points

Compose your first song.

Goodluck with that 5 Points

Choose hard mode

Connected Worlds 25 Points

Finish the game

Impressive Musician 100 Points

Beat the game on hard mode

Author Comments

UPDATE 10/30/2014:
Octaves, drag left or right to go up and down octaves
Faster spawn/speed of asteroids
Less hp and damage of asteroids
Faster note-bullet fire rate (still works on recording the song)
Chance to half a free ride between planets (i.e. can play a song or skip it)
A chance to fight a miniboss ship (the chance goes up at higher difficulty planets)
New launch animation
New turret deployment animation at the start of a stage
New meteor graphics

UPDATE 10/8/2014: I am working on new content for the demo. It should be published soon.

UPDATE 8/26/14: By request, I added a free piano mode. Careful, the massive spam of notes that you can produce will cause lag. Also, you can play more like a piano now with alternate keys. 1 through = still works, but s through k and e, r, y, u, i will provide for a more realistic piano feeling.

UPDATE: The autosave function should be fixed now. Also, game is available for android if you want a change of pace for the piano keys. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ceosol.MTR

UPDATE: Added a hard mode. I would suggest flying around easy areas to get some reinforcement before moving to last sections.

You can play the keyboard using 1 to 10, - and =. Mouse scrolling over works also. The object is to travel to all of the worlds spreading your musical talents. You will be rewarded with gifts of poetry. You also get to hear the song you created at the end of the levels :)

The LD theme was connected worlds. I took this two ways. The first was the obvious connecting planets through space flight. The second was more abstract connecting the worlds of music and poetry. Keep in mind, it was done in less than 48 hours, so the poetry especially is a little forced.

***I had to take out the save feature. It was resetting all of the planets for some reason.

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This game was hella creepy D:

great game, sometimes notes don't respond quick enough and if i'm playing piano why cant I hit 2 notes at once and fire 2 notes?

ceosol responds:

I did not want spam shooting to happen. The timing is based on 1/16th notes. I could add in a "free-piano" mode with no problems :)

Thanks for leaving a response!

Worthless choice of keys. You could have chosen q2w3er5t6y7u or something that actually makes sense to someone who's playing piano.

ceosol responds:

Very true. I did not want to alienate those who do not know how to play piano, though. If I make a "free-piano" mode, I could change it around. Thank you for the feedback!

Actually, I just thought of something else. If you have a touchscreen computer, laptop or tablet, you should be able to play it like a piano. I'll have to see how it tests on android/iOS.

Fun concept and addicting game :) My only gripe is that there doesn't really seem to be much of a difficulty curve. If you could shoot multiple shots at a time, you'd be able to have more asteroids on screen and gradually increase difficulty that way (of course our compositions would sound like poo at the end of each level, though :p)

ceosol responds:

Yes, I agree. I did not have the time to really plan all of it out. That is certainly something I can look into post comp. On the topic of the compositions at the end, that was thrown in last in the 48-hour development. It just so happened that having 1/16th note timing made it easy to replay the music. I would have to see if free-piano would be feasible for playback :)

Really fun, but i would make the graphics a bit better.

ceosol responds:

I am glad you like it. I totally agree on the graphics. I wanted to get done the gameplay within the time limit and skimped on the graphics some :)

Credits & Info

2.00 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2014
4:03 PM EDT

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