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X-Men: Messiah Complex 2

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Part 2 of my parody of Marvel Comics' Messiah Complex.

After Rogue has been shot by Mystique, Mr Sinister and the X-Men are searching for the location of the Crossover Baby, unaware that she is currently being held by none other than Cyclops' time traveling son from the future, Cable.

Got all that? Good, because there's more to go!

I'm revaming my YouTube channel for more regular content, check it out to see new stuff as it is released.

written by:
Matt Gardner

voices by:
Matt Gardner and Peter Gresser

music by:
Peter Gresser

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Bishop wasted too much time talking when he could've been shooting that baby with that huge gun. Did he lose his powers or something?

I feel kind of bad that I don't remember the last entry. I also don't read the comics. The funniest part was when Emma Frost kept punching her at the beginning. I kind of wish you'd give her more details because she's so hot! Oh well. I love how you make fun of Bad Futures.

The X-Men have too many of them to list. I am at least familiar with the characters and setting. The voices were fairly good. While I couldn't get some jokes, it was still quite enjoyable. I appreciate your cartoons.

sweet been waiting a long time thought you gave up on this stuff