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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

sign language

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update: front page!! you guys are awesome. thank you for watching.

hey there ng! here’s a new short. sexual harassment in the workplace? anything's fodder for comedy!

looking back at this, it’s a staging/composition mess, but you live and you learn. i really hope anyone who watches enjoys!

yt link as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOj1tjYWSos


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Up to 0:25 all is extremely well done x)) (rating early)
Blind vote, blind review!
We want MORE :D

I love it, really funny and I can sort of relate to it! Lol, this is what it's like with some of my friends...

tylerghardin responds:

do you have friends that use sign language? lol. thanks for the review!

The last time I watched a video by this animator he mentioned in his response that the video I had somewhat harshly reviewed was several years old, This video is an improvement on the things I liked about his animating abilities and was without most of the things I disliked about it, the animation style, the humor, the backgrounds were all more full and generally more effort seemed to be put into the whole thing. But still, the sound quality. I don't know what audio setup you are using but you can constantly hear it almost screeching and a lot of breathing into the mic as lines were spoken. The whole plot was a bit silly because of how obvious what he was doing would have been to the surrounding people. I mean he got pretty intense there for a while, people outside would heard an enormous man pounding a table with his gut, but I can forgive it because I found it funny.

tylerghardin responds:

stick around dude - my next animation is a humongous improvement in every single area (including audio!). i'm very glad you liked this one, but my next one blows this out of the water. thank you for the review, although i myself am inclined to say i dislike sign language the most of all my animations (even though it's my most recent public one).

I like your style. Everything from the very first moment looked great. One needs great animation skills to produce something like this

tylerghardin responds:

aww hey thanks a ton! i'm not the best animator but i'm trying to get better so this means a ton.

haha, the other guy sound like that goth kid from south park

tylerghardin responds:

the snotty teen chick, per se?