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'Chicken Castle'

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Hello: magnanimous citizens of Newgrounds:
Here's my animated submission for NATA'14 FINAL ROUND.

The theme this time was to "Animate in the Style of your Opponent", in this case; animator StejkRobot; someone you may already know for his works through the tournament.

So; now you'll watch an animation introducing a lot of less-usual things in consideration to any work I've done before in (hopefully) plenty of ways.

If you've seen some of my works before; maybe you'll be able to point them out through the short.

NOW, with that said; sit back and ENJOY!
I think I have A LOT to say about the process; so once the tournament is over I'll take some bonus time to elaborate some more on the making of this final animated short.

Maybe it's a bit hard to make a propper comparison out of context, but the whole style-adaptation was based on "things I haven't done at all in animation" that my opponent does a lot on his works.

Hoping that you already watched the animation: here's a small list of things I tried to adapt from the latest StejkRobot's works in this short:

-'Heavier' action sequences (chases, fights...); with a dynamic use of camera every once in a while.
-Avoiding using too many "squiggly lines" (contrary to most of my work!), involving more emphasis on sharper lines for character poses and cleaner transissions.
-HUMAN protagonists with long necks and big ears; showing a big emphasis on their gestures and expressions.

And of course, there was one 'theme' we had in common, a theme I wanted to keep exploring in animation:
ROBOTS; which was the main motivation to begin the process of making this short animation.

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this could be a game

The style and Art of this was awesome! :] I thought it was original but the shots could have used a little more thought and the animation was a little iffy in places, but overall it was great!

Very Nice and Cute :3

What a cute and funny little story.
5 Stars for the awesome Mecha Deathbattle^^

I have been absolutely loving your work, man. I think you have an increadibly unique, fresh and charming style. And you tell interesting stories in wonderful worlds. Keep up this great work, 'cause I only see you getting better and better.


Butzbo responds:

Wow, thanks a lot Hans, it's great to know you've been following these last works;
There's certainly more to come!