Kingdom hearts WIP

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An animation ive wanted to do for a while now. though im limited by flipnote currently, i plan to do colored animations in the future. i want to try to finish this though

Song:Kingdom Hearts Simple and Clean [Birth By Sleep] by Utada Hikaru

i like this version of the song best.
(i kept trying to extend the video but it kept cutting off at 8 seconds... maybe tats just me...thats why theres an extra 10 seconds of... nothing)

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Well... its very simple. I will give you probs as this was made by Flipnote so animation is very limited and at least the characters looked recognizable. I was never to big on KH nor "Simple and Clean" so judging it solely on the effort alone, its not very good.

The animation was cool but a little more content to complete it would have been nice. Decent job overall.

gatekid3 responds:

that is true, i apologies

The classic Flipnote Studio!
Good Animation! :D
Short.. but good!

im sorry but its too short.the drawing are perfect but in over all you need to extend like you said.Newgrounds have "rules" im still trying too discover like no video under 30-45 sec or no test videos. good luck!

gatekid3 responds:

thank you, and i apologies... i will remove it sometime this week then...

Awful. Unfinished and extremely short, terrible graphics with poor animation, music that makes my ears bleed. The Portal isn't the place for incomplete work, and frankly it isn't the place for this even if you do finish it without massive improvement.

gatekid3 responds:

i understand there are many flaws, but theres no way this is absolute garbage. the animation isnt THAT bad. and ive seen plenty of things that are about this length with varying quality.

maybe it is bad. but you dont have to be so rude about your approach.

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Aug 19, 2014
10:52 PM EDT