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Not Frank

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The story of an assassin and his first day on the job.

A little something a few people and I have been working on for about two months now. Hope you enjoy!

Created/written by SummerOlives
Animated by StealthyNine

Ray - Michael "RenoRebirth" Potok
Boss/”Not Frank” - ZootSuit
Frank - IngeniousClown
Guy #1 - StealthyNine
Guy #2 - SummerOlives

Watch on YouTube!

**PLEASE understand that this video is NOT against gun ownership. Any opinions displayed here, are only characteristics of the roles!**

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Should have just stopped after the accidentally killing boss scene.

Made me laugh a lot, very silly great job

Who wrote the plot for this animation?

kynivoid responds:


Don't say something heavily politically-charged then backpedal by saying "I don't really think this geez guys learn to take a jole read the description!" You obviously feel that way if you said it in your video. If you had just said guns are bad that would have been fine but you hurt my feelings when you said people who own guns are losers. Now I feel self conscious. Thanks, jerk ass.

kynivoid responds:

Except, one small thing. This is just a silly cartoon, and I never said gun ownership was bad. The character "Frank" said it was bad. You shouldn't think that because a character is made means we must share similiar interests and opinions. As I said before, if I made a character who murdered people, that doesn't mean I kill people as well.

Leon the professional taught me to never shoot a client in the face though..I didn't find this particularly entertaining with the overly exagerated cartoon style