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Braaaaains! 5 Points

Finished Zone 2 in Story Mode.

Cut Your Teeth 5 Points

Finished Zone 1 in Story Mode.

Deal With the Devil 5 Points

Used a Soul Stone to purchase an item.

Diamond for Burger 5 Points

Used Soul Stone to speed up the free key.

Instakill 5 Points

Killed a non-boss monster with one blow.

Orcs must die 5 Points

Finished Zone 3 in Story Mode.

School's Out 5 Points

Finished the tutorial.

Traditionalist 5 Points

Finished Zone 1 without using a Bomb.

Voldemort 5 Points

Used a Soul Stone to respawn.

A-Door-Able 10 Points

Opened 1,000 doors.

Career Gold-Hunter 10 Points

Picked up 100,000 gold.

Coward Slayer 10 Points

Defeated the Dwarf Captain three times.

I Know A Shortcut 10 Points

Found 100 Secret Paths

Maze Champion 10 Points

Finished Zone 3 in Maze Mode 10 times.

Maze Crawler 10 Points

Finished Zone 1 in Maze Mode 10 times.

Maze Explorer 10 Points

Finished Zone 2 in Maze Mode 10 times.

Number of the Beast 10 Points

Killed 1,000 monsters.

Skeleton Slayer 10 Points

Defeated the Skeleton King three times.

Soul Dealer 10 Points

Spent 10 Soul Stones.

Vampire Slayer 10 Points

Defeated the Vampire King three times.

A Key Principle 25 Points

Bought three Red Keys.

Ali Bab 0 Points

Hoarded 10,000 gold.

Braveheart 25 Points

Finished Zone 3 by facing Dwarf Captain directly.

Heretic 25 Points

Finished Zone 2 without the Cross.

Key Maker 25 Points

Had 18 keys in your keybag.

Send Someone Better 25 Points

Killed a boss with one blow.

Speed King 25 Points

Finished Zone 3 in 15 minutes.

Speed Knave 25 Points

Finished Zone 1 in 5 minutes.

Speed Knight 25 Points

Finished Zone 2 in 10 minutes.

Mega Kill 50 Points

Killed 10 monsters of the same kind in a row.

Author Comments

DungeonUp is a dungeon crawler with mini-puzzles and procedurally generated levels.

You play a human knight who fights the way out of deep dungeon, by killing monsters and solving the map-based puzzles.

Heavily inspired by Tower of the Sorcerers, DungeonUp aims to take the classic gameplay further to endless fun. Most levels are randomly generated and you will never be bored of making choices again. This is a must have for roguelike fans.

This is a DEMO version of DungeonUp. You can:
* Play 30 of the 50 levels in Story Mode;
* Play the Maze Mode for free once per day;
* Have 3 save slots;

For more information, please visit the official site:


* Now you can create more than one game in Story Mode;
* Added the "Undo" button for undoing the action of opening a door;
* Added the setting option which can enable/disable movement by mouse/touch;

* In Story Mode, more yellow keys are generated;
* The merchants in the Lobby of Relics have summoned the anti-magic field so the Magic Mattock and the Scroll of Earthquake are no longer usable in those levels;
* Fixed some minor bugs in the map editor;

* Optimized map generating;
* Now you can rate for player's maps; maps have higher ratings will appear at the top;
* Added some improvements to the map editor such as undo & redo and event duplication;
* Fixed the medal unlocking issue on newgrounds (finally!);
* Fixed issue: when the "maxLevel" and "startLevel" is set improperly, the map can't be open in the editor;

* Added new collecting feature: Dwarf's Logs;
* Added new script commands for the map editor: "setItemType", "setDarkness";
* Fixed boss level in zone 4; disabled the using of Scroll of Chaos in all boss levels;

* Added in-app purchase of the Soul Stones;
* Release of iOS & Android versions;
* Fixed issue: the animation of monsters would play in abnormal speed when re-activated the game;

* Fixed the issue of ordering items in the inventory;
* Fixed the bug regarding the serect ending;

* Quick fix: the game would freeze when interact with Upgrading Altar;

* Items purchased with Soul Stones will be retained after resurrection;
* Optimized sync requests;

* Optimized the way of ranking player maps;
* Added Virtual D-pad for mobile version;

* Fixed bug: the items purchased with stones could be retained even the game was restarted;

* Fixed minor bugs;

Steam initial release.
* Integrated Steam API for the archievements, scoreboards and map editor;
* Re-did the Player Maps UI for Steam;
* Added a button to reset all achievements in game in the Achievements panel;
* Updated some sound effects;
* Fixed the bug that loading another slot inside a Player Map was not working;


Its a fun game, I wish I could go through the entire game, but I rarely buy games, and while I want to beat it, it isn't enough to make me want to pay $10. Anyways, It was a fun time-passer. I honestly do not know what the game means when it says to not fight him directly, however I managed to win fighting him directly. So yea, good game.

I think a lot of games try and fail to recapture the old school nintendo feel of (my) youth. This game succeeds in a big way. The gameplay is a testament to the fact that complexity is not the key to fun. This game reminds me a little bit of Hylide, Adventures of Lolo, or maybe even Montazuma's Revenge (i'm really showing my decrepit age here.) Anyway, this isn't a review so much as an opportunity to thank the author profusely for providing us with free and enjoyable entertainment. Thank you!

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The game in itself is pretty good. A bit too much waiting around (I know you don't want the yellow keys being too easy in Easy mode but it's still dull) but I was vaguely interested in the plot and enjoying getting myself strong enough to go back and kill lesser enemies without fear of damage just to get the gold.

However, you lose a star from me for not allowing a whole run-through before springing the "PAY TO CONTINUE!" thing on us, plus the medals didn't work for me.

The game is good, but the Magic Tower Series is much better and tottaly free.
Would rate higher if this was not a Demo.

Okay, I have been patient and waited for the updated version of the game. And yet even when I complete a task that should unlock a medal; it STILL DOESN'T UNLOCK!

That is not my only gripe. Now I know rougelike adventures are supposed to be extremely random and tough, but sometimes I think they make them too tough. I am thankful that in casual you potentially have unlimited yellow keys, but getting those hard to find blue and red ones can be tricky. Also a lot of the monsters, even if you have good stats can still be difficult to kill as they take out tons of damage from you or still have the infinite stat on them.

Soulstones are good if you desperately need to buy special items; I just wish that said items can be obtained more frequently because of unbeatable enemies. If you are extremely patient, you can kill the boss, restart the game, and then beat the boss all over again to farm the soulstones, but that just seems a tad tedious.

Enough of the downsides, here are in my opinion the good. Replayability with randomization means you don't go through the same dungeon over and over again. The use of said items like bombs and pickaxes are extremely useful when either killing monsters or going around them. Though the greedy well can be expensive after a few uses, it is helpful when needed especially adding on health. I am also thankful that you don't have to kill every single monster or open every door to go to the next floor. And the ability to go back to certain floors helps when you don't have the skills necessary to get past the monsters; so you can come back and get them later. Finally, at least with me, some of the randomness does include short passages from one flight of stairs to the next with few uses of keys and minimal encounter of monsters.

Now I do like this game, but the flaws can make it frustrating. And as I said before, medals are still not working. If you can fix this issue; and maybe make it so the game isn't all that difficult monster wise, it will be far more fun to play.

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indiest responds:

I'm still desperately fighting with the medals issue, as you can follow the progress here:


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Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2014
2:30 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG