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StrawberryClock's Big Day

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Hope you guys enjoy, I worked hard today to finish this, but other than today I should have been working on it more. The characters are based off of "The Crew Talks Art" by KartuneHustla, a toon made for clockday in 2009.

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Top notch for general character interaction and colors. Keep 'em coming

haha nice man. I have to agree the end was abrupt but I found it enjoyable and well made. Its weird cause something similar happened to me. We were popping firecrackers in the garage and when my parents got home they gave me nothing but shit and my friends didn't even back me up. But enough about me. Really awesome man. I'll be watching so keep it up

climatic anti

"I'm gonna grab a snack on the way out"

Take my five, you have earned it!