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Clock Crew: Secret Origin

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Author Comments

Ever wonder how the Clock Crew started? This is the official origin which will never ever be retconned or contradicted!

Edit: Changed the pre-loader, because I somehow mucked up the offical one.

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I never knew what hardship and struggle went on in those early days, or how StrawberryClock's inspiration and iron will led his people through those dark times. Thank you for sharing this uplifting tale of the true king's greatness.

Ha ha ha, I love the voice acting and cartoony style. Great job, pal!

what is a insect that makes honey ? B

I am a computer.

a glorious mentos-clock film, telling us the TRUE, glorious origins of the clock crew!
i loved the way you drawn the humans, (professor, and his asistant, igor), and their face expressions were insanely funny, and good..... nice work!
as for the clocks, that 1st question was surprising, and the whole clock design that you did of them, made them look so cute and adorable!
maybe professor should've shold them as pets instead of (SPOILERS!).
good movie man. i guess thats the CC's true origins.

you rock, and i love your movies, please do more!