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Deerboy [Clock Day 2014]

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Happy Clock Day 2014! For my sixth Clock Day here, I'd like to share with you a movie trailer I made. Hope you enjoy, feel free to leave a review, I always respond!

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Clock Day is about animated movies starring animated characters from the Clock Crew. This is missing all the basic components.

sumidiotdude responds:

Sorry man, I guess I misunderstood the premise :/

good clockday movie! (despite teh absolute lack of clocks, LOL).
i liked this movie, and it seemed all ''action-movie'' style, with great chasing and plot twists hanging around.
will deer boy survive? will he use his powers for good, or for evil?
who knows? only deerboy does! (see the pun in here?!)

good movie, it will earn you a buck or some dough. (again!)

nice work tho, seriously, this was an enjoyable movie, and i liked it alot. nice acting from everyone.
did you played in this as well?

nice stuff.

sumidiotdude responds:

I appreciate the kind words, buddy! Glad you enjoyed it.

Pretty funny. Keep up the good work!

sumidiotdude responds:

Thanks buddy, I appreciate it!

What the hell was that? Nothing to do with clocks at all, just an entirely non-animated live action trailer. Waste of my time.

sumidiotdude responds:

Sorry you didn't like it man, really thought this piece had something for everyone.