Bloody Rage

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See my profile for secret codes to games!

Allright - you wanted codes to the games. here goes:

Bloody Rage Beta
Override Codes (lowercase)

flashgamestudio (input two override codes)
heads (select bonus heads)
ants (play as ants)
giants (play as giants)
handicap (enemy starts with less energy)
inferno (fireball size increase)
flash (faster speed)
phantom (invisibility)
rageon (start with 1000 rage points)


1. Head Roll (Kneel, punch)
2. Spikes (Head Roll on Lava Board)
3. Heart (Back, Forward Punch
4. Fire (Grenade)
5. Explode (Close Back, Back, punch)
6. Head w/Spine (Close Forward 4 times, Punch)
7. Punch Half (Back 4 times, Punch)
8. Body w/Spine (Close Rage Kick)
9. Rock (Far Forward 5 Times, Punch)
10. Bomb (Far, Back 5 times, Kick)
11. Pieces (Far Cannon Ball)
12. Plane (Punch Half on Airplane Stage)
13. Head Explode (Close Rage Punch)
14. Electricity (Far forward 5 Times, Kick)
15. ??????

Alot of people have suggested some really good ideas! Here are some characters that *might* make it to the release:

Pico, Spawn, Samus
, Eminem, Darth Maul, Luke Skywalker
, Batman, Neo, Trinity, Strider, Jerry Springer, Ryu, Vegeta, Mike Tyson (Balrog), Vega, Wonder Woman, Sonya (MK), Cammy, Worf (star Trek), Terminator, Iron Man, Bart or Homer, Green Goblin, Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smallz, Punisher, Boba Fett, Heihachi, Catgirl, Zelda, Cobra Commander, Buffy, Ash (army of Darkness), Star Man (ProWrestling), TMNT
, The Rock, Skeletor, Storm Trooper

Lemme know what you think! Also I need more girlzzz!!!!!

All the characters have the same moves - why? Because it's:

1. A beta

2. It's hard to make 18 moves for 18 characters - but it's gonna be there in the final version.

3. Those are just the base moves not - the REAL special moves.

Also about the life bar - yeah I know I made it too big - because otherwise you can beat the game real quick. You see the AI (Artificial Intelligence) of the enemies isn't fully developed.

And If you really hate the "GOTCHA" - stop hanging around the enemy! That means you're cramping his style - and he got to put you in check!

If you figure out all 15 Fatalities send the secret code to bloodyrage@flashgamestudio.com and I will make you a character in the next release! A few people have emailed me about the secret code - some of them may have hacked into the game. If you got the code without cheating - email the code - I have a way of telling if you really got the code. The offer is still up...Who wants to be in the game?

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Tried to take the controls seriously, lol. But there are no fighting game mechanics other than special moves. I'd recommend hitstun for combos, fluid movement for footsies, and actual frame data so using which moves matter. I don't mind that the characters are the same since that's kinda a meme.


this was one of the better games out there on newgrounds but still its another fighter game which doesnt get much style sorry thats just me.. i like to see imagination. but over all it was an ok game. thanks i had fun.



A game that requires absolutely no skill what's so ever. You can beat the entire game (Or at least half of it.) By mashing K and L while constantly pressing the down and left arrow key. Is this a fighting game or a freaking button masher? I mean, I know it's from 2002 but COME ON! This was also a game I played as a child too, even then, I was smart enough to mash the buttons and still win. You know what else we had around this time? Freaking tetris! It's still a better and more logical game then bloody rage. 18 characters with the same moves and misspelled names, how lazy can you get with a fighting game?

Always been a childhood favorite

I admit that some of the graphics don't hold up. Why isn't this listed as being under a collection? It's really popular! I did enjoy this game. I wasn't expecting so many different characters. I thought it was just going to be Newgrounds characters at first.

I guess that's already been done. My first fight now was Goku Vs. Superman. How original! The music was nice and ambitious. It takes awhile for me to learn all the moves in fighting games.

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Sep 25, 2002
4:08 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS
  • Daily Feature September 25, 2002