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Author Comments

Welcome. You are a strange green creature with a special power. Run, jump and phase through all ten levels fueled by your ever increasing hunger. Explore the dungeon and try not to die.


Tedious, not fun.

The design is quite nice. I especially like the menu and all the little narrations that accompany each level. I also think it's a pretty good idea for a game, especially the parts which involve jumping into and through the blue walls.
However, it doesn't seem like you really exploit this idea for all it's worth. For example, the tenth level would have been just as difficult without the blue square, and other levels were wasted on those annoying invisible white squares. The bigger problem is that in a game with only ten levels, you need to get all the introductory bits out of the way in the first level and then ramp up the difficulty curve extremely quickly. Otherwise the game is too easy to really be any fun.


It's the year 2014.

In 1984 this might have been a 3 star game.

The concept and the gameplay is very good, I thought the music was annoying though, save this masterpiece.

I don't get all the praise around this game. To me, there are a few problems :
- the controls can be unresponsive, and it is kind of weird that I have to learn them before I have a chance to choose them (still, the menu is nice) ;
- the hitboxes are not clear at all, all I know is that they are not limited to the sprites (and I hated it in levels 9 and 10) and that the character reacts weirdly when standing on the corner of a platform ;
- do you want to make a standard platformer or a die-and-retry ? because level 10 is clearly a die-and-retry level, especially because of the invisible blocks, but the slow transition seems to indicate that the game is not meant to let you die without annoying you ;
- the music is supposed to be a bit relaxing, but the very fast kick does not help ;
- 10 one-screen levels, how frustrating... plus, there are quite good ideas, but it looks like you did not take time to develop them, and implement them in well-thought levels.

2/5 for the general idea, but it is quite disappointing to me that you did not make a whole, complete, thought-out game from your ideas. I am still adding you to my faves, because I want to see your future games.

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Letmethink2 responds:

To be honest, I was as surprised (maybe even more so) as you by all the positive feedback. I actually spent a lot more time polishing and bugfixing than I did actually planning and creating the levels and developing the concept more. I think that is a fair review, maybe slightly harsh, but it's your opinion and you're entitled to it. Maybe a sequel will arise.

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Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2014
9:34 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle