Nintendo Rpg (Finished)

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I Finished my demo rpg like i said i would :) expect a sequal soon!


not bad, could be better

There are some cons to this,first all you did was make a very unoriginal Magic and attack setting. it has very little choice. no way to lose, it might as well be a movie, and you haven't made a sequel yet.

You have been choppified

very good

This is a way better attempt at an rpg than that POS FF PITS! I actually felt like I was playing a game, I got worried when their hit points started to deminish, the only thing bad about this is that the graphics aren't yours, so I gave you a zero for graphics, if you'd made them yourself you'd get a much better score.

It's OK

It's a pretty ok for an RPG, but could be better. You can keep the cut and paste style if you want to, since it seems ok. You could never die in the game, so that makes it kinda screwed, but you never had things like STRENGTH or DEFENSE in the first place. Try adding things like those and try to re-do the lacking battle system. That's probably the main reason you get a low rating from me or other people.

Ummm, I really wanna like it...

It is just too fucking easy! Come on, can you even lose this game? You cannot walk around, no adventure, what the hell is everyone else talking about!? And dear god, how long could it take to make the last fight? You said it was finished! You lazy bum! You just want people to vote high because they think there will be a sequel. Don't rig the votes faggot! You suck! I think that the enemies are gay as hell! Be a little more original. Desert Man? What the hell was that?!?! And Megaman? What the hell were you thinking when you came up with that? You couldn't even change their names you gaylord! Finish this now you son of a bitch, and don't ever list as finished until you actually finsh it you bastard!
Sincerely, ah, who cares.

Good, for a game its time.

For a game that was made almost ten years ago, it's pretty decent. However there are a few errors, Ultraman should be called Bass, the summon Guardian was kind of odd. It didn't really seem like you could die though.

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3.35 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2000
6:02 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily Feature October 7, 2000