Nintendo Rpg (Finished)

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I Finished my demo rpg like i said i would :) expect a sequal soon!



Okay, This game had alot of work put in to it, But, I can't get the Fact that it was "To Be Continued" at the End, What the Fuck is that!?


definately something missing. A lot of somethings missing. exp, lv up, new powers. I thought it was pretty decent though, compared to a lot of other crap people submit and expect to get into NG. It seemed like you put some work into this one. It just didn't wow me though.

more humor. humor is good.

The music is the best part

The music was great,and the graphix where kewl the old school nintendo feeling, But the same thing over and over got kinda anoying but besides that its somthing to help pass the time

Needs a lot of work

There is a huge number of problems that need to be addressed in this game.
-Needs to be more like an RPG
This game was just a bunch of battles, where's the RPG element of this? Could use levels, classes, shops and equipping stuff.
More Attacks
-This needs more magic attacks that you can choose from, not just making it random.
-Errors in English: punctuation, spelling, grammar...
I have spotted a good number of english errors in the text box. Fix it.
-MP bar
There isn't an mp bar visible, so I can assume there is an unlimited amount of mp, so I can use a lot of MP attacks instead of the attack option.
I don't see much plot with this. Where and why did Link and Megaman meet? Is there a rip in the universe or something?
-Better music
The battle song was good, but after a while, it got annoying when looped. Put more battle music and sound clips for each effect.
-Improve on Graphics
The battle menu was badly designed, and the attacks should have more effects.

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a little bit avrage

Not great,not bad,just ok

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3.35 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2000
6:02 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily Feature October 7, 2000