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MUNCH - Bodymuncher

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Episode 01 - Munch goes to the gym

YOUTUBE - http://www.youtube.com/user/Drzoomtoons
FACEBOOK - http://www.facebook.com/Drzoomtoons
TWITTER - http://twitter.com/Zoom_Toons
TUMBLR - http://zoomtoons.tumblr.com/

Created by
Cam Ralph & Zoe Harrington

Animation / Voice / Sound / Music by
Cam Ralph

Written by
Zoe Harrington

Character Rigging by
Phil Sloggett

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For something so short, that was actually quite funny. It is hard to love something so short. The animation is great! Well, we don't have much CGI here. The best part is how the joke escalates. This was a much later series here.

Here, the website had declined. I feel so bad. I still love this website. Munch doesn't make much sense for a name. Fine for a literal minute long joke.

Had a good time. The medals won't unlock for some reason

Well that was unpredictable. I'm beginning to like this new series!

Not a bad flash. The animation and rigging are stellar, and the voicework is top-notch as well. It is a little short for my preference, but that's the way it goes with this sort of animation, and the animation that's there makes up for the brief length.

Unfortunately, the joke of the flash came a little too far out of left field for me. I think that maybe the buildup (hah, buildup) of the joke didn't provide enough of a clue or possibly the payoff was too sudden, or possibly both. I didn't really understand the joke as it happened, and by the time I connected the dots, the moment had passed. It's a big shame, but comedy is a cruel mistress. Thankfully, the repeat of the joke after the credits partially salvaged the humor, since by then I was up to speed.

In short, it's great animation with a joke that didn't quite work. You don't get full marks, but you get points for very nearly getting it right.

ZoomToons responds:

Thanks for such an honest critique!

There were definitely a few things I wish I'd had the chance to tackle in the time permitted. One thing we're really strict on with Munch is producing an episode within 2 weeks. It ensures that it won't blow out of proportion and helps speed me up as an animator/director. The downside is, sometimes the visual gags won't be strong enough to carry the story. I hope to get better with this as each episode goes, but with this being the opening episode I totally agree that the final gag comes out of nowhere.

I would have liked to have him absolutely bulging, to the point where his face is squished into his fat, disgusting body and he can barely move... but sadly I couldn't work out how to push the rig in 3D in time. I'm glad the after credit beat helped push the gag though, that's an interesting observation!

Thanks again for the great feedback. I hope each episode tickles your giggle gear more and more :)

Damn, that was well animated! Good rigging and secondary motion on all your parts. Classic slapstick too. It was nice. 5'd! Keep it up!

ZoomToons responds:

Thank you kindly sir!