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Game Grumps Anime Opening

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My first submission in like.... 3 years. The quality isnt exactly my best work, mostly towards the end, but I am insanely proud that I was finally able to finish it. This took (with extreeeemely long breaks in-between) over 6 months to do with work, moving such getting in the way.

I love making opening-styled cartoons for things Im a fan of, and the most prevalent thing I wanted to make one for was none other than the Game Grumps themselves. Please enjoy!

For anyone wondering, the song is from the intro to Megaman X8. Its called Wild Fang by Janne Da Arc.

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This is the best fucking game grumps intro

That['s awsome~! it was wonderful~! very eye candy~!

This. Was. Awesome!! Only thing that was soorta off was Arin's walking but other than that this was really great!

At the end im just like 0o0 "WHY DONT THEY USE THIS INTRO!!!!"

I like the work and effort you put into this, felt like I was watching the demo to an actual anime despite the art quality lol. I love Janne Da Arc and I've loved this song foreverr, great work man keep it coming!

Supersonic64 responds:

Yeah the arts not my best work xD;; its difficult using a tablet thats not a cintiq lol but thank you!!