Solar Steadfast

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Survive 1 wave 10 Points

Survive 1 wave in survival

Beat Elimination mode 50 Points

Beat Elimination mode

Survive 5 waves 50 Points

Survive 5 waves in survival mode

Survive 10 waves 100 Points

Survive 10 waves in survival mode

Author Comments

Attention: There are a lot of webGL effects used in this game. If your browser doesn't support them, this game is going to look like poop.


WASD to move around. Space to shoot


The shield item gives you health. the lightning item refills your boost.


Survival - Survive (duh)
Elimination -Destroy all of the enemy bases and kill everyone

Have fun! Message me if you have a problem playing, or if you experience an in game bug!

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Man this is a difficult game! :/ Graphically, it looks great, even if I don't know if all the WebGL effects are coming through (kinda expecting a lot more when you mention that :P) but I feel the controls could use quite a major overhaul. For one, you can easily run out of the screen and disappear from view completely. Also happens when you're getting continually hit with enemy fire (maybe that's some WebGL thing not showing?). The most difficult thing about the game however is that it's pretty much impossible to evade fire and shoot back at the same time. If you take the time to turn, you are right in the line of fire, impossible to evade your foes even for a short while while shooting back. Trying to think at what other games I've played do differently to avoid this issue, I think they either: make enemies slower to react/projectile fire slower, or separate controls for movement and shooting. If you could use the mouse to shoot, and WASD to navigate, for example, with a movable turret that doesn't interfere with enemy attack evasion... this might be a whole lotta fun! As it is I can barely complete a wave, and it becomes a chase for power-ups more than any skill-based action (good thing you have a lot of HP at least). Would be cool to see this games playability improved somehow! Keep it going!

larrynachos responds:


The webGL effects are purely cosmetic. Adds some blur, glow, etc. You're not supposed to be able to run out of the screen, but maybe the wall collisions didn't register. Like I said to the other reviews, I didn't want there to be a mouse aim, as I was aiming (heh) for a more arcade feel (limited buttons and joysticks). I'm currently working on a "sequel' (or a reboot, I suppose), and I'll make sure to include the things everyone suggested to me this time :D

1.5 stars because of a low replay factor. But you have a game that works here. Yeah controls suck, but it's not like they break your fingers either. Not sure if there was an issue with loading the game or not. I personally did not have an issue. The music does make the game sputter when it hit's the end of the track and starts over. That may just be my crappy machine, connection, luck, but it created issues in game. At many points the ship left the viewable area, which didn't really kill me, but got me to resizing the window (pointless). The collisions are weird and made the game overly simple, just bash into whatever is attacking you while firing ur lahzurz and you win. Only time this didn't work for me was when I was mobbed from the side as you can't seem to turn to bring weapons to bear. Run away and re-engage. Running into the buildings gives sort of a strafe effect, weird. Despite the collisions, the game still runs pretty smooth. With a lot of polish and elbow grease you could probably squeeze 2.5 stars out of this. Just a nice middle of the pack game. Will I be back to play this again? No. But I won't kick her out of bed for eating crackers either.

larrynachos responds:

Aha, a well fleshed-out review. Thanks for being thorough and honest.

Control scheme is terrible. Because WASD are the cardinal directions (NESW), it is only really possible to aim N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW. Pretty stupid for a space fighter ship. Normal control scheme is W = accelerate, S = brake (or reverse), A = rotate left, D = rotate right. Note I said ROTATE not turn - because in space it is quick to rotate a spaceship, but slow to change direction.

Feels pretty stupid having to collide with enemy to maintain lock on them (partly because enemy ram you - if they ram you when you're not aiming at them, you get stuck not aiming at the - so fly away, then fly back at them - they won't last long!)

No minimap means you need to locate shields and stay close to them - bit of a poor mechanic. Also lightning (boost) is pretty useless, so collect them when you see them to encourage shields to spawn. If you let your health drop below 50%, so need to run in a hurry, you usually will die anyway, since nothing blocks enemy bullets and your ship is as fast and manoeuvrable as a concrete truck.

If you run into a mob (and haven't located a few shields), or let a mob build up, you will die - again because nothing blocks enemy fire - so kill everything the moment you see it. And don't try to dodge bullets - dodging bullets means you're not destorying enemy, so you will get mobbed.

Totally poor show that enemy bases don't block bullets, and in survival, health and boost can appear on top of them (hence can't be collected).

No upgrades, no real strategy, just two modes that are basically the same thing, and to top it all off you're bounded by an invisible box!! In space. I might overlook such a lazy mechanic in a better game - but not here.

Music is decent (only saving grace).

If you're good at space shooters, once you get used to the poor controls, its easy, but boring - just fly around until you've had enough - otherwise steer clear.

larrynachos responds:

The cold, hard truth.

You're breaking my poor little amateur heart.


See? You done it ;_;

Got swarmed and died within the first 15 seconds.

Iz gud game

Nice soundtrack and graphics + fun gameplay adds up to a cool 4 stars.

It's true that spaceships aren't supposed to turn fast, but I feel like maybe the fact that you cant turn around that fast is kind of hindering gameplay a bit.

I wouldn't know though, I'm pretty bad at this.

larrynachos responds:

Yup, it's hindering the gameplay a LOT, as I've noticed. I'm gonna add an option to use your mouse.


I'm going to give you the magical score of 0, in part, because of your rotten attitude towards others and your ego that everything is their fault.

The game does, indeed, have problems loading. The only way to deal with it is to refresh.

The games controls are awful, and unrealistic. It doesn't help that as soon as you start you are flocked by enemies, not giving you any chance to learn those controls. As for your claim that their realistic, Star Wars and Star Trek are not good examples. Science fiction is not reality. There is no gravity or friction in space to slow, or control, the movement of a space craft.

Here's another part of reality, the majority of people who will play this game will hate the controls. The controls are what make it difficult to play. It's not that the game is hard, the controls make it so, not the enemies or the world they are in. It's like cutting off a persons leg, and then made them run a 100 meter dash to compete with others perfectly fine people. That's not really fair, and most people will recognize that. What they will recognize is that you are lazy and cruel. You didn't want to create challenging levels, or create super smart enemies that will give the gamer a challenge. No, what you did was to hobble the player and then blame them. Those are the reasons people giving you low scores.

larrynachos responds:

It's awfully presumptuous to judge a person's character based off of one reply.

Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2014
12:15 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional