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Free Will Revolution - 03

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Free Will Revolution is an animated science fiction series starring Darius, a Consultant whose main task is to investigate and "persuade" rebellious androids who are beginning to desire more autonomy in deciding the future and shape of their existence. Follow Darius and his friends as he attempts to reel them in, or at least the ArtiGence Units (AGU) that power their attempts to separate themselves from their human creators!

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Another good one. The fast scenes and animation style sometimes don't mix but I am liking the story.

Animation was a bit less jerky here (Except for the fight scene and that makes a bit of sense) I thought that everything was smooth and leaving everything on a bit of a cliffhanger was a good way to go about things in my opinion. This finally gets my five stars.

This is getting better and better! Loved the fight in particular, really smooth movements, and each hit really has an impact too, causes some kind of damage, whether bodily or otherwise. The running scene looked a bit strange, but I guess androids running strange isn't that strange hmm. The next episode was the real highlight so far, and this comes in close second. Looking forward to more!


It's a bit simple, but it's good. Only didn't care for the Hollywood theater loudness of the chase/action background music, it's a bit too loud, though the voices were nice and clear throughout.

At least it's hard to call it a Bladerunner clone, it's got a different feel to it. This was just an action scene, so it's hard to gauge the plot/setting based on a single video.

FreeWillRevolution responds:

I'm heavily influenced by Blade Runner, but hopefully the next episodes can also differentiate my work.

I enjoyed how the camera changed from third person to first person at key momentst. This style of animating adds to the atmosphere. I also liked the cyber enhancments on the main character. I wonder how much more machine than man he may become? I think I will have to watch the first few installments now. :)