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AC is an Aritificial Companion developed to talk with the user in times
of loneliness. This AC is Retica Version, a little advance to the previous

Retica Features:
Discussions are fixed and mainstream of Retica.
Which mean, if you type it, it will be a long
conversation. To end the conversation, just type

1. intro
2. let's talk

Retica is capable of learning new words and questions:
If you type a word that she didn't know, she ask
automatically for what should be her response from you.

if you type the word "apple", she will ask.. "what should be
my response?" then type the words to be her reply.

If you are going to tell her to say the exact words,
type (you say, ) + (exact words).

you say, apple is a fruit!
Retica doesn't want repeatition:
Retica will not accept same words
after you just type it. So, try
to divert her from one word to another
and back to the word of it.


first: apple
second: okay?
third: apple

Retica LIMITS!:
Since this is the Web Version, Retica can't learn
new discussions from the User. Retica can't also
save or remember all the words you just taught to
her once she was turn off or refresh.

Only in full-version!!

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its great game improve it more to full version

Jass im glad your my best friend.
I'm usesing this A.I. for Rise of Dawn.
this will be uses for talking to leaders of different societies.
like AC the leaders can learn things from you from talking to them.
do you agree?
from your
Juleon Reed

luciper2007 responds:

Yes, it would be interesting if the game has the ability to communicate well with the player(leader). I'm so sorry Juleon if until now the Rise of Dawn is not yet finish. I will just post it in here someday. How's your Flash Game Developer's Lessons? :-)

I'm guessing mine's broken. When offering the (let's talk) response, she just asked what her response should be. :/ it seems as though this would be cool, just if i could get her to talk lol

luciper2007 responds:

try it again, just type the exact word "let's talk" there should be no ( ) Open-Close Parenthesis and "" quotation mark. Probably you type it with space at the end. copy this -->let's talk<--- and paste it there. Cause its working on mine.

It learns fast!! Just take a look at this dialog:

luciper2007 responds:

nice job, you made my program ugly and dirty..

This is an interesting simulator. Good job.

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1.61 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2014
3:09 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating