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Nameless Bob 2

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Animation/music/voices were done by me, Faisal's voice by Edatlin.

I started this series with the intention of having everything be sort of thrown together, as something to keep me preoccupied between larger projects, but it quickly became something much more personal than that. It's now become one of those larger projects, with part 3 being in the writing stage for months, and no plans to start production for a while. That being said, that's good for you, the viewer, because that means if you for some reason wanted to be a part of this series, I'll probably need voice actors to fill some roles.

Also, my original intention was that each episode would have a different art style, as bob explores each name, with the change in style reflecting on his temporary change in perspective. Because of this, I wanted it to eventually become like a community project, with guest animators every once in a while. Problem is I don't know any animators who aren't already busy as hell with their own stuff, and I uploaded this to youtube, where animators are few and far between. So if you feel like doing work for fre- I mean, "for exposure", you could try contacting me!

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I really enjoyed the animation with the red/yellow guy the changing of the color and the style was neat.

Cool as hell animation, creative angles, thoughtfully written. Great work! Looking forward to the next

Has a very surreal adult swim kind of feel to it. Like what's going on and I think there's a lot of potential here. Can't wait for the next episode

The style is awesome!

that future guy voice... i heard it somewhere... isnt it from the video powertrip from spazkid??? anyway awesome vid