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Move around to collect points, when you collect a point the point will dissapear!

If you touch an area without any points, you'll die!

Use ArrowKeys or ASDW to Move!

- Added Sound & Music :D


I like the concept, reminds me of one of the Mario Party Games on the GBA called melon folly (Easily one of my favorite mini games). Nostalgia below are the list of the most common problems with the game:
Slippery Controls - This normally would not be a problem since I presume your going with a quick reflex / quick thinking style of game-play and I respect that, except that it doesn't work with the level you have due to the one tile size roads, leaving very little leniency for mistake.

Inaccurate/Inconsistent collision Detection

Instant Death on start up - This is quite easy to solve, have a tile type that isn't destroyed on start and can be used as an interesting game mechanic (The ability to implement crossroads without being stranded)

Lack of content - One Level (which is impossible to complete), Nothing else to change things up.

Poor Level Design - My biggest problem with the game TBH, the level is impossible to complete due to being stranded.

Overall nice concept just poor execution.

viktorstrate responds:

Thanks for the comment, i'm working on more levels but I have a bit problems with some gui stuff, and im wating for the next unity to get released with a better gui.

Maybe I could fix the error of dieing at the start by saying that you can't die before you move!?

Interesting. Was confused at first when I seemed to die for no reason. Took a couple lives to figure out I can't move in areas where there aren't any "points"
Also, a number of times I died right off the bat without being able to do anything. Good start though

This game is very fun, but hard. It's takes a lot of fast thinking to beat my high score over and over again. It's more addictive than Flappy Bird. The game is not perfect. I would love a leaderboards section along with a couple layers of blocks.

I like the game but you really have to keep on the move in order to do well. Goo job!

I like the concept of it, you should add sounds, add music, improve the graphics, add more fun things, add highscore and this will be great game. Btw, keep it up ;)

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viktorstrate responds:

ThankYou :D It was a good idea with the sound
Do you know a good soundtrack I could use?

Maybe I could make some powerups (Slow fx.)

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2.35 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2014
10:48 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other