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Metroid: Fight For Love

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Musical Video for brentalfloss.

Animated in 3Dmax, Compositing in After Effects
This project took almost two years to complete

Always loved Brent´s music and working with him was an amazing experience for me, and learned a few more tricks of modeling, rendering and animation.

Now the light of day is breaking
do they know my heart is aching?
eyes are cold, face is stern to
mask the fears that I may not return
don't you know you will be on my mind
as I leave my home, leaving love behind
and now it's time to go
now it's time to fly away
in the suit and on the ship
another death-defying trip
I'm gone but still my heart is there with you...

Down, down, into the cave, time to be brave, time to be strong,
can't stop moving, changing, improving, as I go along
fight not for the bounty, fight not for the glory,
I fight for love!
I won't stop till I have slain the mother brain!

If it takes my whole life, I'll make it home, and
I will see you again... you are my home, so
here I go do or die time to run, time to fly
with death below, and hope above
I don't fight for glory, but for love!
no, I don't fight for glory...
but I fight!

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The song in this video is not my cup of tea. But I do like the animation.


I just gotta come out with this very first thought that's on my mind since viewing this mere seconds ago before beginning this review; this is simply amazing!!! The narrative of Samus Aran fighting against the intergalactic threats of Ridley and his space pirates, who're being aided and assisted by Motherbrain and her Metroid horde, not for money, glory, revenge, or fame, but for the man she loves, in order to make the universe safer for him and everyone like him, is very operatic. The music was very much like a modern day Broadway musical, sort of a rock-opera approach to adapting the Metroid mythos for the stage. The animation was brilliant in my personal opinion, and fits the tone and scale of it's source material, yet adds a unique interpretation of the story of Samus through the aforementioned narrative. It also has this Disney/Pixar style and vibe, which tones the dark atmosphere of the setting and other story elements, but is still very imaginative. Worthy of the 5 Stars rating, if you'd ask me. Despite it's Disney feel, it's still incredibly well done. Big shout outs to Osuka and brentalfloss for this collaboration. 10 outta 10!

Might just be the perfect Metroid tribute ever. Who would've thought Brentalfloss would be behind such moving lyrics?

Also kinda reminds me of a Metal Gear song

really cool. yea I can understand when Nintendo says "we don't have any ideas right now" it's hard to revive something that has been done so many times.
I guess that's where other m came from.
I HATE other m. it's horrible. prime series is awesome, and my fave normal metroids are fusion and zero mission.

super Metroid and other m can suck my sweet and salty nutts!!!