Vex 3

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Act 1 5 Points

Complete Act 1 to any rank.

Act 2 5 Points

Complete Act 2 to any rank.

Act 3 5 Points

Complete Act 3 to any rank.

Act 4 5 Points

Complete Act 4 to any rank.

Act 5 5 Points

Complete Act 5 to any rank.

Act 6 5 Points

Complete Act 6 to any rank.

Act 7 5 Points

Complete Act 7 to any rank.

Act 8 5 Points

Complete Act 8 to any rank.

Act 9 5 Points

Complete Act 9 to any rank.

Caretaker 5 Points

Hold 4 keys at one time.

Death Tycoon 5 Points

Get over 100 total deaths.

Gasping 5 Points

Surface from swimming with one bubble left.

Heads Up 5 Points

Get crushed by a pushable block.

Perfect! 5 Points

Achieve Perfect on any act.

Time Flies V2.0 5 Points

Play the game for over one hour.

Vexation 10 Points

Complete the Vexation to any rank.

Astronomer 25 Points

Collect every star in the game.

Olympian 25 Points

Achieve Gold or better on every act.

Perfectionist 50 Points

Achieve Perfect on every act.

Winner 50 Points

Beat every act in challenge mode.

Author Comments

Hello Vex fans and newcomers... Vex is back at last with one final challenge.

Vex 3 is the largest Vex game to date with 10 standard stages, an additional 9 incredibly hard 'challenge' stages, 10 hidden stars to collect, an array of achievements to hunt down and of cause an even better stage builder! Think you're calm enough to not get vexed?

Newgrounds medals and highscores are included too, so lets see who can rack up the most deaths for the bragging rights, sorta...

//UPDATE 1.02 08-08-2014
- Can no longer achieve 0 seconds on any act
- Blocks with animations also remove their animation when removed in Stage Builder

Thank you for playing, all feedback is welcome :)
Also if you enjoyed Vex 3, be sure to like Microwave Games on facebook at www.facebook.com/MicrowaveGames


Mildly infuriating at the Olympian medal. That's the only medal I couldn't get in game, but outside it won't let me get the Act 8, Act 9, or Vex medals.

I'm renember i play this game in 2014 in other page and i renember this incredible and "hard" game, Fantastic creation!

best platformer evar

REALLY it won't load!?

This game, a first looks like a typical stick figure platformer and I was ready to pass it by, but I gave it a shot and.... DAMN i'm impressed!

This game is the PRIME example of mastering an unoriginal craft. Stick figure parkour platformers
have been done to death, but this is honestly the best example of one (tied with fancy pants adventure IMO)

The game is difficul but never unfair (it is a bit of a difficulty curve however, and it can be a bit overwhelming)

Overall, this game is fantastic and good, challenging fun

Grade: A+

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Credits & Info

4.01 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2014
10:25 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop