Fuck Town: Great Job

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Hi! You are incredibly lucky! You found an awesome job of chief manager of sales department in a large construction firm. You’re hoping to pass an interview with the Deputy Director of the company.Two sexy girls are in erotic porn game and if you talk to them carefully you can fuck them both and more than one time! Have a good weekend in Fuck Town!

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I don't know what it is about this game, but I always end up coming back to it every now and then to jerk off to the nurse girl's blowjob scene. The game is NOT good. The arrow entering function is annoying as hell, the one "puzzle" in the game is just forcing you to look closer at your computer screen and key in the corresponding number, the art for the women is barely passable, but I always keep coming back.

Anyone knows if the two girls at the end you get to choose is from which anime or eroge . The two girls at the end are lisa and nikki

very good game. sounds like slots in the back ground though.

cool game

First of all, I am german. And so, maybe my english description is not the best ... like other members do write here. Because it doesn't is my native language, okay !?

The only one difference between "Fuck Town: Great Job" and in the other FT game with title "Date with Ophthalmologist" is: you have here - especially, if you don't how to solve challenges all - some helpful buttons, what to do as next (the eye checkup test, - for example).

Here you must (btw, in both games, I say the names already) use your keyboard buttons, in the eye checkup test, to come forward. So easy. ^^ Only a short difference: in FT "Date with Ophthalmologist" you doesn't have these tip window already.

The rest is the same, same gameplay, here you have now (in total) 4 sex scenes ( 2 with the female boss, - and 2 with the nurse from a Ophthalmologis). And the last 2 are the best (your female boss is totally nacked, and your nurse is it too).

A really good example, how has not only VadimGod with his MnF series re - use same games, storylines and above all: characters ( females ). Also sexhotgames has do that often.

For example: in the game "Sexation Quest 4 Samantha" is the same - as a girl - character Samantha the same part like these - mature, milf - woman in " Meet and Fuck my favorite teacher", and in "Thresome Fun" and First Date Sex" is the main girl the same how in "the Plumper" (all with the same woman).

Another example in "Meet'n'Fuck - Detective RPG" is the bar singer girl the same wife animation like in "Fuck Town - Useful Profession". No problem, especially, if the same author was design and written both games ... only for a other company.

but, - @ author: no matter, is it VadimGod and the MnF team or the sexhotgames croup: you want money from us, the fans, the consumers from such kind of games, - adult sex games. Okay, especially if you have the complete work with it, no problem. But, so long you give no really equal work for it (for our money).

And you recycle storylines (like here) and even complete characters, total games (main parts, ideas, plots, figures) for always the same - "new" - published games !? Forget it ! So long you doesn't give really good work, so long you deserve no money from everybody for your without any new ideas, recycle characters and story's. For these garbage thing only 3 stars, sorry. You can it better ! Make it ... please ! Then more, okay.

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3.53 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2014
4:03 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating