Fuck Town: Great Job

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Hi! You are incredibly lucky! You found an awesome job of chief manager of sales department in a large construction firm. You’re hoping to pass an interview with the Deputy Director of the company.Two sexy girls are in erotic porn game and if you talk to them carefully you can fuck them both and more than one time! Have a good weekend in Fuck Town!


simply fucking

lol i jsut had to fap to this

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Same art work and sound but kinda with the music just saying....

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Nice game.

The scenario is maybe obvious, but excellent. My, does he have luck very quickly - gets straight into the Vice Director's "good books" with hardly any effort at all. Plus, she's a very attractive toon, physically (must have a relative in the company to get that far so young .... or else is not so lacking in professional relationships she pretends ... :D ). Mind you, though her body is welcoming straight away, her face suggests she hates every second of being fucked. What a face of stone, frowning!

Good tip by a previosu reviewer to zoom in with the eye test. Problem is, I homed in on her breasts ("ho-m-ed in", not "ho-r-n-ed in" ~ couldn't see a way to go that far, that fast ...) and damn near failed the eye test. Fuuuuuck!

Here's my tip: be very careful how you answer the eye specialist's questions. Or you end up with your lousy single fuck at the start, and are processed coolly through the rest of the game. (No explanations give where you went wrong, that's the point, you don't even notice - you get your job, but no more oats for you to eat.) Play your sex cards right - no boasting now! and you earn yourself a blowjob and two more Happy Vagina (R) games of "Hide and Seek the Sausage".

I like the way the eye specialist tells Vinny he'll have to work hard for his tickets .... nice work. Also for him.

Things that could be better:

A bit more work on the graphics. The girls' faces are a bit emotionless (as previously mentioned). Their bodies are fine, esp by toon/hentai standards, but a bit more lifelike work particularly on their sex organs would be appreciated (Vincent is whispering this request in my ear). Don't be afraid of showing the girls' little sex pearl, by the way. Not that any of this exactly holds him back .... ungrateful bastard just wants his girls to be even more desirable, and share their sex with us.

The other main thing is an "open ceiling" thing - in other words, not a fault, but something that would also help to drive this baby up towards five stars. As with many sex games, the endings are a bit cut off. Hey presto, ejaculation and end of scene, end of story. Some fuller conclusion is always nice.

So here's my suggestion. He continues to date both girls - as long as his white stuff lasts. He makes progress in the company, but gets his extras (and theater tickets) on the side too. Now obviously, you can't show all that going on over the next year or three - game would go on for ever, have him flying round the world fucking his boss every which way, and any other strays he can get his mitts on ... but say, a final split screen of him shagging both his dates might round off the game.

Or else his boss finds out about his eye sessions, gets jealous and slings the horny fuck out on the street without a dime, or possibly out of the plane - that would be the *pessimistic* finale.

Or else a double pregnancy. Show a final screen of Vinny sweating like hell, spinning his two plates at once, ... and going to a brothel for relief, possibly ;)

Have fun with the game, everyone!

Good to see the "whiteout" problem (whitening screen near ejaculation) seems solved. So thankfully it's just a lot of "white in". If you play your cards right with the optham ... opthalmol ... ophtalm.... with the assistant who makes your eyes go funny. Don't forget that.

Quite dumb to be honest.

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Aug 5, 2014
4:03 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating