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Grandpa VS the Machine 1

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this = love.

nice portal does it lead to HELL!!! OMFG there is a floating cake...talking...0_0...i guess it is hell

Samination responds:

Only time will tell!

Every time I see Grandpa I keep thinking it's Sméagol. I take it that was intentional.

Samination responds:

Not at all surprisingly. Grandpa was originally drawn in 2001 long before the movies and/or I had ever heard of Smeagol.

cake walk

You'd think I'd be more familiar with Portal, simply because of how popular it is. I really didn't understand it at first. Of course, I know that joke about the cake. I thought the animation is quite good. It's nice to actually have links to the other episodes. Granted, it would be nicer if they were here, but whatever.

What is Grandpa even a grandpa of? I never see him mention any grandchildren or even children. The cake does look pretty good. The voices are really funny in this. It's been awhile since I've heard of Grandpa.

Samination responds:

The other episodes are coming to Newgrounds. I just didnt want to blow my wad. The whole Grandpa thing is actually talked about during episode 3.