Free Will Revolution - 01

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Free Will Revolution is an animated science fiction series starring Darius, a Consultant whose main task is to investigate and "persuade" rebellious androids who are beginning to desire more autonomy in deciding the future and shape of their existence. Follow Darius and his friends as he attempts to reel them in, or at least the ArtiGence Units (AGU) that power their attempts to separate themselves from their human creators!

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I wasn't expecting much but I definitely loved the use of the animation. The soundtrack (In my opinion) was very well done, and I also loved how detailed it was. I think my most notable favorite was how you put in the reflection of the screen in his eyes. It's little things like that where it makes things so much better, and I love your attentiveness. I'll be watching the next episodes!

So this is how it all started! Feels different with the music, it has a warmer atmosphere somehow. So far, it's all about preperations... we don't really get an introduction into who what or where, but it starts out subtle. Nice work!


very cool,great use of black and white,noir with a tad of humor thrown in...instant favorite

Absolutly love it!

The description that you wrote about the video made zero sense when I watched it. I simply watched a man with intense determination and focus firing a gun, working out, and reading novels. I sincerely enjoyed the video. Good job.

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3.77 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2014
9:24 PM EDT