Free Will Revolution - 01

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Free Will Revolution is an animated science fiction series starring Darius, a Consultant whose main task is to investigate and "persuade" rebellious androids who are beginning to desire more autonomy in deciding the future and shape of their existence. Follow Darius and his friends as he attempts to reel them in, or at least the ArtiGence Units (AGU) that power their attempts to separate themselves from their human creators!


excellent work love the whole noir theme you used
Animation was solid if a little jerky in places
And the music wasn't exactly my cup of tea
But I'm eager to see more and isn't that what counts?

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Looking Good, but there are some points I must nib-pick you on. The shadows were very clunky, leaving it with a very unnatural feel. The other is that the character was stiff, except when he was boxing, but even then it looked like he needed a sexy masseuse ASAP.

Those are the criticisms I have, but I stilled think it was a great piece. The style was very well done, and the music was a PERFECT fit. The "reading" scene made me smirk, and seeing him shooting whist wearing a bathrobe has just too funny.

I will be keeping an eye on you (in a good way)

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I like the animation style and the use of music to tell some of the story.

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The art style reminds me of Archer.
Nice use of black and white.
The music is pretty good.

Overall this seems like a start to a great series.

Keep up the good work!

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3.89 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2014
9:24 PM EDT