Wail of the Broad Man

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A short animation I did at school, it's about cryptic metaphors.


It Never Loaded, Even After 30 Minutes.... And This Computer Is Fairly New......hm...

oh fuck

that was really good, i came across you through that animation from like 5 years ago that spazkid commented on and i wanted to see if you continued animating and improved and holy FUCK this is groundbreaking, great job

DylaneggsProductions responds:

Spazkid commented on one of my animations? Heh, which one? Also thanks, I'm getting into animation more now. Doing a funny little animated Sleepy Cabin thing.

The animation was really fucking cool. I'm not sure how to even describe it, but I think it's the way you play with anatomy and frame rate. nICE job

Animation was ok i think you need to work on your
Line work a little more other than that it was a pretty creative premise

I had a dream about a clown with the voice of that movie trailer guy talking about how society doesn't care about whether someone is guilty or innocent but that they just want to kill. And his speech about it made more sense than that. So in closing in respect for that winking clown, "there's no point in wanting to kill, unless you want to really, R-REALLY want to kill."

Police officer: uhh... dont talk to that clown again.

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Aug 3, 2014
3:13 AM EDT