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Lost Track

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Think of it like the calssic Popeye/Dudley Do-right/Donkey Kong formula except this time everyone is incompetent and mean.

Made for NATA Pro round the theme was "a way back home". The majority of this cartoon was made in 7 days while I was on vacation and boy are my arms tired.

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That was really funny! I think its strongest point is the animation. I just love this felt outline. I knew they were going to become friends. They really thought they could go across that gap? I love how oblivious they are to the easy solution.

The length was pretty good too. Maybe it was a little too long, but it was still really fun. I actually had no idea they were going to talk about going back. It is a pretty valid point. The voices are nice too.


I was about to criticize the voice acting, but by the end, I've realized it only added to the humor.
That ending was predictable and yet it made me laugh pretty hard.
The whole cartoon surprised me and I always like good surprises :)

You really have a knck for timing simple dialogue to make something hilarious. Awesome work man, I've shown this to like 5 people.

Brewster responds:

thanks. I think cutting and editing together the audio is the only part of the process that is as grueling as it is rewarding

This so reminds me of my brothers and my relationship with our sister. Friggin' epic.

I really like the things that you do man! Keep it up!!!

Brewster responds:

Yeah its very siblingesque and I think thats what I like about it so much. Thanks thanks thanks man

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4.24 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2014
6:31 PM EDT