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One of the 88 constellations - Gemini had found a button which it had looked down 45 degrees on him. He had a challenge for him, if he completed, he'll never looked down at him again. So he accepted the challenge. Help Gemini to complete the challenge......
(Note 1/1 Ryan123 is my nickname which you could found in the credits)


This is an AWESOME game! It's certainly recommendable to those gamers out there.

I'd just like to point out... I could Alt-Tab the game screen away every time I press Start, and that made things SO much easier. XD

Congrats for making the most frustrating game on newgrounds lol

BlahBlah508 responds:

Thanks. lol

Ok, I finished all the levels and I have watched the credits. I got 13148, making me a cool gemini. (Just to prove I did it)

The game is overall ok, but there's two major things that bugs me. The first is the graphics. It looks like crap. A defense to this could be "yea, I chose simple, cartoonish graphics", but that does not matter cause graphics can look great and still be both simple and cartoonish. They look like you put them together in Paint just five minutes before release.

The other thing is the programming. It says I cheated 18 times. Hell, i cheated on every level. How do you count cheating? And by the way, the obvious way to cheat in a game like this is right clicking and move to the goal. Not preventing that makes the game feels like a sloppy work.

Other than that it's ok. I like the level design.

BlahBlah508 responds:

If you click on the screen or drag from anywhere will end up cheating. And can you really right click from the game, I thought I make every level uncheatable. And sorry for the 'over big' screen

The game is great and frustrating as well, I got to level 47 and how am I suppose to click on that moving one?

BlahBlah508 responds:

Try this, when it gets to the middle, release the click within 0.3 seconds. There is 75% you will catch that moving one, if you're lucky.

the voices are mocking me yea good all good like a bit more sound and i think this game should have an achivment system

BlahBlah508 responds:

That is what I was trying to do when everything fails, so...... no achivment system

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2.16 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2014
6:07 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid