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Anti Sanfermines Fight EX

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Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight

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Aug 1, 2014 | 10:57 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Erradicate the Sanfermines with your strong will and determination =)

Arrow Keys - Move
A - Shoot, hold for laser
S - Throw bomb
D - Shoot, no laser

Beat the game in 5 minutes

Please keep in mind the message of this game, Sanfermines and bullfighting cant be held on the 21st century, we should erradicate this, some people call it culture, but it is torture, help us, spread the word, your voice counts!!.

This version should run faster on your computer and will have a better performance for you, some things have been updated too and system varies a little so please experience it and I hope you like =)



Rated 2 / 5 stars

Well, those statements doesn't have much thought on them.

San Fermines is much more than blooming bulls. Bullfighting is the part where drunk Americans love to go. There are free concerts, fireworks and pee smell everywhere.

The clothes have a religious significance (remembering how Saint Fermin was killed by tearing up his limbs and guts with wild bulls on the city arena during Roman times). It has nothing to do with killing animals. It is also very practical to recognice posh people as they won't have them dirty after the celebrations.

And the game as stated before has too many projectiles. Also, I wouldn't like to kill all the citizens of my former city with weird looking balls. That is quite wrong.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Sanfermines is not bad it is an old Spanish tradition its like killing a cow for food its the same thing. If you don't eat meat then i can see your why you don't like it but i like this tradition overall fun game

mordaza responds:

Well killing animals for obtaining food is one thing, a needed fact maybe for some people and some countries where other resources such as vegetables etc dont exist, but Sanfermines is not just killing animals for obtaining meal, its a torture for the animals all the time, they have found drugs in some bulls in this event, whats the tradition in that? the animals are tortured to make them behave the way they want and in fact some get overaggressive due to all the said and could even get out of control, but wouldnt you react against those who have tortured you to act as you are not supposed to? I think there are many good traditions around the world that are a benefit for human beings and not going against other species, but this one is far from being in the benefit of humans and just merely go against the animals, there are other spanish traditons that consist of just merely torture and had been done for centuries, then that makes me wonder why arent we throwing some christians to the lions? that was seen as fun back in the time (for non christians) and it was a tradition, held many many years too... I think if people want to party and celebrate events they can do without hurting other beings in the process, peace for all. Also thanks for your comment and Im glad you like the game =)


Rated 2 / 5 stars

This is an okay game. Too many projectiles to dodge and not enough room to move.

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mordaza responds:

Thanks, keep in mind the only point you have to be careful about is marked at the beginning, its the blue pearl there, only that, the rest of the body is no trouble and also speed varies when using laser so you can switch from regular shooting to laser and make speed variations that will help you dodge the bullets efficiently, I hope you manage to beat it =)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I fully support your statement! There are some borders of a culture and this is one of them!
The game is quite good as well :-)

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mordaza responds:

Thanks a lot for your support and comments =), I think its the work of all of us to erradicate such practices and change people's mind, some people just never think about things you know. As said thanks a lot for your support =)