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Legend of the Ring

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Journey into the world of Ninmar, where you play as one of 4 unique classes in an attempt to free the land from the tyrant Zytox.

A: Attack, Q, W, E: Spells
Arrow keys to move, Up arrow to interact/enter area
I: inventory, O: overview, K:skills


1.2 Patches:
-background music added!
-various sound effects added!
-mute buttons added!

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The controls and animation need work. The graphics and music could be better.

Not bad, it's got a lot of potential! It's not very challenging, you might try letting the monsters inflict more damage? I didn't even think about using the heal spell once. But then, I went as the brawler, maybe it's harder as the mage. Keep working on it, you're doing good!

Good game, with simple graphics, but it is very easy and short.

digitalfuhr3r responds:

thanks! I'll be making it longer as soon as i finish adding features that players have asked for!

Wtf are those hitboxes ?????

No sounds... Not fun...
And we can't skip this long introduction...

I like RPg, but i don't really appreciate this one...

digitalfuhr3r responds:

I'm sorry you don't like this game. I'll add a skip button to the introduction though!

Next version has sound effects and music! It'll be up soon!

It actually looks promising in it's future. I know that this is only a beta for now and you will probably do some of this things but these are my suggestions :
- you should make a previous button for class selection in the beginning
- at each class there should be a description
- after finishing the game you should put a credits window and a play again button
- you could make the character's move speed a little slower
- the regen rate (for both HP and MP) should be a lot slower or the amount of HP/MP to be a lot lower if you want this game to be at least a little bit challenging
- of course the graphics (I really hope you will do something with skills like rage ,that use one yourself, because it looks like he was beaten so hard that he no longer has a face) and the move and attack animations will improve in time
- almost forgot, in the beginning you should put the instructions as background because some players are rushing (like me) and after you talk to the girl they disappear and I don't say it's hard to figure out the buttons but just in case... or/and put buttons for them next to the skill bar.
This is all for the moment I hope I could help you in any way. :D

digitalfuhr3r responds:

Thank you for your response! I will definitely try to fix many of these things. I'm new to flash, this is my first flash project, so I'm not that familiar with many things as of yet.
Wait for it! I'll update it soon!