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The year is 2007.

Nuclear war has decimated the human population. Food is scarce. Vicious gangs roam the streets. You are the last of your kind, ensuring humanity's continued survival by...


Z to accelerate, X to brake/drift, right/left arrow keys to steer, spacebar for nuke attack.

The colors suck because I used the NES palette/resolution.

Problems? Let us know.


Very refreshing. Good call on the pixel graphics.
Also, "Nintenblow"? C'mon, we all know that you could've done better than that.

I haven't seen a game where you deliver something in a while. I was surprised, I've thought that people didn't like this game-type. Well, onto the actual gameplay: You drive around at ridiculous speeds and deliver pizzas in a post-apocalyptic world. But, there are enemies and buildings in your path. The enemies are very slow, and they should be, because if you accidentally run into a building and can't get out in a short amount of time, I'm sure you wouldn't want a group of enemies flying down out of nowhere destroying your car. The game also features tanks as enemies, which are pretty useless unless they get a missile or such. I would often drive into buildings, because of the steering. You should really fix that, It's affecting your score. I mean, just look at the comment below!

"The colors suck because I used the NES pallette/resolution." You should keep it up. A lot of people here on Newgrounds like these graphics, and I'm one of them! If you want to get more popular and get good ratings, I say you stick with these graphics. But, just remember that some day you'll have to expand.

I really hoped that there would be more power-ups as I progressed into the game. You let me down. Only three power-ups, and one is more-or-less irrelevant. I rarely use the Health power-up, and only when I accidentally drove into a corner of the map. You should've thought of more, or did you have a deadline?

The nostalgia is real. This is what I like to hear. While other people call this type of music "ear-piercing", I enjoy it. It's a pretty catchy theme, can I download it somewhere?

Wasn't very addictive, I recommend adding more "pressure" on the score. Maybe using the score to buy upgrades?

This game isn't difficult, but it's not easy either. It's a mixture of both, y'know? Not much to say here, you just need to be fast and react in time which is hard at times because of the steering.

I feel like you rushed the story on this one. I mean you described the whole story in three to four sentences, and it has some potential. At least give us a reason to deliver the pizzas other the fact that we're helping the city survive. Sometimes it's not enough.

Overall it's a six out of ten. You fix those issues, and it's an eight, at the very least.

STEEERING controls so horrible, nice retro style

Awesome retro styled game!
It reminds me quite a bit of Retro City Rampage, which is a ton of fun to play. Well done.
I would definitely like to play more like this from you down the road.
Keep up the good work!

It's Good. It's the type of game people would have purchased.

I love the retro music, look, and gameplay! I wish there were more levels, enemies, and bosses at the end of the levels. It's kinda hard to steer but it's not unbearable. You had some interesting ideas for a job simulation. Would actually make a nice tv show if somebody came up with an idea for a story like this, as long as it took place in 2014 or later, had a courageous and relatable young main hero with depth, and a very dark, evil, dangerous, destructive main villain. Pizza could be one of the few good foods that are able to be made and actually bring people joy because of how desolate and devastating things are. I think I went to far with these ideas lol. Would like to see more Nintendo like games from you.

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Jul 31, 2014
7:30 PM EDT
Simulation - Job