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The year is 2007.

Nuclear war has decimated the human population. Food is scarce. Vicious gangs roam the streets. You are the last of your kind, ensuring humanity's continued survival by...


Z to accelerate, X to brake/drift, right/left arrow keys to steer, spacebar for nuke attack.

The colors suck because I used the NES palette/resolution.

Problems? Let us know.


The concept is amazing, people delivering pizzas in a post apocalyptic world it just really cracks me up. What I like most is that it reminds me of an Nes game that you'd be playing and bragging to your friends about your high score and how they couldn't beat it. I like the difficulty setting it makes the game feel like an Nes game just for that reason.

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Was fun for a bit but I HATE the controlling.

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Five stars just because this reminds me of the original GTA.

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Nice idea but the controls are way too spastic to make it playable. I just LOVE (not) how the car turns and sometimes on its own let alone how the car accelerates completely out of control. I did not give it a one because it is a good concept but had it actually been playable as in the car not over steering, steering when it decides to, and turning way too fast then I would have rated it higher.

Nice graphics and music, but the acceleration reminds me of a cheat taxi gta2.

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3.81 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2014
7:30 PM EDT
Simulation - Job