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The Randoms: ThxGiving

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This is an old idea of mine, written down on a note many years ago.
So last week I finally made a Flash out of it. The concept and the ending (somewhat awesome I think) changed while making the Flash.

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Hilarious and great editing. As for the animation though, all I have to say is congrats on catching up to 1999.

This is in really poor taste and pretty sick... not to mention hilarious! XD
The random humor works out well because it has a good pace and is cleverly delivered.
The sound quality and animation itself could use a little bit of work, but I dig the style you're going for.
Nothing a new mic and more animations won't fix :D
You definitely have potential to make some amazing stuff, keep up the good work!

This is stellar! Intelligently stupid, but well paced and well animated. I loved the dialogue, especially the Turkey's lines. The sound effects were definitely a highlight as well. Keep up the fantastic work! Easy 5!

That splatter sound at the end... you are sick! but i like it ;)

I don't think I've ever seen, the end credits roll over an action scene before! This was really great! All the gags were well paced and well written. Soundwork was good, the animation was goofy but not terrible. Didn't care for the husband punching the wife towards the end, coulda done something else annoying (only to her at least). Got a good laugh, thanks!