Roof Dash

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Author Comments

This game is actually a follow up to my other game Rooftop Challenge I released a few months back, its been a lot of work but also been fun to make at the same time, anyways dont really know what else to say so enjoy, hope you like it.

Up - jump
Right - slide
Up and down

Alternatively, use WASD keys or space

P - pause
M - mute

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I think you should change the appearance of the objects on the roofs, because at the moment too many times the jumps are actually impossible because you have a box too close to the edge and you don't have the time to jump (not even if you manage to walk over it doing a small jump), or even worse, you land on a roof and miserably crash into a box which is right in front of your nose and you don't have the time to jump again.

sometimes I died just after spawning because I landed on a box.. -_-

make the roof longer, and set a rule which doesn't spawns objects too close to the roof edges.

then the game is pretty well made with cool graphics and good animations. the problem is that at the moment is barely playable..

jetpack didn't work. Have the user choose either wasd controls or arrow keys and it can increase performance idk about 3 fps, but hey it helps. Good soundtrack, but you get NO credit for that. As me, who knows how hard code is, I'll give you a 2 1/2, keep working on this, this can get better!

Good soundtrack. Unplayable nature made it a one star game. Fix this and you MIGHT have something worth someone's time.

If anyone wants a playable version of this game just look up Canabalt, a game 5 years older and so much better. As said in other reviews there is an intolerably high frequency of impossible jumps and respawns do nothing for you (I stocked 2 lives and one threw me into a pit and the other into an air conditioner). The art is lazy even if the music fits well. I never really got a power-up either because it was too high or if I went for it I would definitely die. I do not understand why this was frontpaged but I guess that's just the way of things. Better luck next time (A message for both the creator and those that took the time to "play" this "game").

A quick checkup of how my tracks are settling with the community, and I notice this game linked to my track. My first reaction is WOW! Someone used a track of mine in a game! Just wanted to note how awesome that is.

Back story aside, this game CERTAINLY has potential. I'm glad my track fits well with the mood of the game, as multiple people seem to have expressed. The power ups give the game much needed dynamics, so as to stray away from the simple action platform style.

However on the other token, the game has a few flaws that I am hoping will be given some attention. Fixing them would make it much better in my opinion. First of these, as aforementioned, are the impossible jumps. I recommend running through the game several times, tweaking the transitions until these are at least much less common. Second, the re-spawn from the extra lives should start on the platform you were last on. Whether from the beginning, middle, or towards the end of the platform, it would negate the issue of promptly falling to your death.

All in all, good game, certainly has potential. I do hope you work on ironing it out!

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2.57 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2014
9:46 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other