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Rojay 02

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Jul 26, 2014 | 12:13 PM EDT

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Rojay got some of the explanation about the event that change their region forever, from professor Arlene. Eventually Rojay was told by Trishsha that a space marble had spawn at the side of his house. it was made known that it was a fire space marble and if some one else who have fire nature powers come into contact with it ,will unlock a trait that can allow that individual to reach a legendary state when leveled up.
Rojay eventually agree to give the 2 ladies the marble and meet at a fast food place where their photo was taken and uploaded to Aries by a mystery woman.



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The very fact that you try to defend this lack of effort you call a flash video as your own personal style. This isn't your own art style in fact last I saw in your other video you have taken styles used in DBZ and other animations. Even if you work on it your own actually take pride into your work making excuses by saying you're using an outdated version of flash and using Text-to-speech is no excuse. When you you're self voice act yourself you don't even put emotion into the character you just made it sound like you were reading off a piece of paper instead of making it sound as if its a conversation.

And your writing for the script is just going in circles you have the characters explaining situations almost twice in a row. And using ridiculous lines like "like that guy we talked about yesterday." Or having the lead villain have to exclaim that he has an evil organization all of which are unnecessary when it comes to writing a plot for a story. Not only that you really shouldn't use yourself as the main character in your story it comes of as egotistical and even worse when placed into something that doesn't have any kind of quality to the work. Everything sounds like its made form outdated wav files and why not just save up and get a better microphone or maybe better tools to make better animations instead of trying to make excuses about it. Take pride in your work like thousands do on this site who even do their own projects on their own. With story, characters, voices, and even music. And there's no reason as to why you can't find music and voices on a site like this because the site is filled with thousands of pieces of music people wouldn't mind seeing placed into animations on the site. Me being an artist myself wouldn't half ass something and make an excuse for it. I don't release it until I know its good and that people will like it in some way just telling people your intention was to do bad and its your own is just sad and insulting to those really trying to make it in animation.

Practice your drawings and animations along with voice acting. Have your writing proof read and fixed up to be more interesting so that characters aren't rambling on with nonsense and causing your audience to loose interest and see you as a joke. I'm not doing this to insult you or put you down but you can't seriously think that this is complete work that leaves so much for improvement and planning and refining. You can do better than this anyone could. Like I said take pride in your work and people will see the effort made even if it means working on it for a year or even months.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

Sorry I fell asleep what did I miss ..look I know u tryed but drags out so long .but the animation was not bad.oh yeah I did like the AFC . hopefully you continue trying ......PS try for sharing your animation

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its just this girl blah blah blah...

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

nice animation better than movies special effects. Seriously its not that good but its fun and the girls look sexy (BUT THAT LEGS THOU) auso the voice acting is great LOL. :3


Rated 1 / 5 stars

the dialogue sucks, the flash is boring when theyjust stand around and someone is explaining things... its just seems like your trying to force a backstory than anything. the whole story is just kind of sucky, the HUGE thighs are a waste of space, why didn't she react when Rojay was fondling her? Why does a BLACK guy sound like an ARAB? if your still learnig work with some side projects before you try to make a series

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