The Universe Ep 1

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These are links to the home dawgs who helped with this vid. they are beasts :)

I started this project when i first got into animating and i've been doing it ever since. That explains why the start looks like absolute bollocks... and the sound quality is completely shitballs
I'm pretty sure this whole thing sucks anyway, but hopefully you'll get a chuckle

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Nice work dude, I can definitely see a hint of Adventure Time animation style in there.

As you said the sound is a bit poop, but good poop :)

Keep it in mind when you do the next one :D

Alright, first of all, gotta say, it's an overall decent animation, so thumbs up for you.
I liked the animation overall and I feel there can be some real potential in the characters, so I can't wait for the second episode.
Now if I had to go to the bad stuff I didn't like about it, the problem I had was probably with the timing and a bit of the voice acting in it. The timing in which you give the jokes and their punchlines doesn't give me enough time to actually understand the joke. And when I do, the little time you gave me to laugh wasn't enough. This also has a lot to do with the voice acting. I applaud you for the voice acting, and all the effort you put into it, but during some bits of it I couldn't really understand one or two words, so the joke was lost to me. Had to watch it a second and third time to get everything, so I'd suggest speaking just a tad more clearly. And give a bit more time between the joke and the punchline, so I can at least acknowledge it.
Other than that, I think you have a lot of real potential. This world reminds me a bit of a futuristic version of the Oddworld games, or well at least the world does. So yeah, will be waiting on the next episode ^_^

CapaciousSpace responds:

Thanks heaps! I'll definitely work on all of those and will make sure the second episode is the best it can possibly be (no shortcuts). Everything will be improved.
But the worst is out of the way a least haha :)

Not too bad, definitely keeping going and learning growing, you have tons of potential. The computer mouthing "dafuq" was probably the best part of the whole thing.

CapaciousSpace responds:

Thanks A-bro-ham :)