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Frenzy Gas Station

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Lisa is back in the frenzy business! This time she or her father has to make sure all customers leave the gas station with a full fuel tank. Provide various other services and earn the daily goals. Buy big improvements and see the station grow bigger and better!

Drag and drop the customer to the right order.


Not too bad but would have liked more levels to the upgrades. Also needs to up the difficulty a bit more as the levels progress because I found them too easy. All in all not a bad time management game.

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Game play is fine, but I wish there was more substance to the game. Maybe there could be an update on this to allow more game play and more activity by this being a time management type of game. I kind of wished for more difficulty in the level progression.

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wwggames responds:

Thanks for your review iammekiz.

Unfortunately we can't develop the game further as there was no agreement about it between the sponsor & me.

Check my account to play another frenzy games. hope you enjoy it!:)

Not a bad game but it did get a little boring after the first couple of levels but it is what it is. I got all the upgrades about half way through so there was really nothing else to work towards. One thing that I did notice like someone else said and this is purely cosmetic, the gas needle 90% of the time was way off and sometimes it would be on f at the start and way beyond to the e. Everything else seemed to work the way it was suppose to so all in all I guess I say good job lol.

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wwggames responds:


Thank you for the review.

This game could have been a lot more. Seems mediocre. Still, there are worse games out there. It was not challenging. Only one set of upgrades at the store.... kind of boring. I give you a generous 3 stars. It needs... more.

wwggames responds:

Hi mrskobioshi,

Thank you for the review. it's not one only, there are many of upgrade things in the shop screen.

this game is just like diner dash but worse i cant even beat the first level without me have to reload because i cant move the cars

wwggames responds:

Hi robozombi,

Thank you for your comment. this is frenzy game, not diner dash. too bad you can't play a frenzy game.

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3.62 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2014
12:54 PM EDT
Simulation - Job