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Standoff is a highscore-based web browser game that pits the player against an endless number of mobsters in surprisingly calm and collected gun fights. Outwit the enemy to survive!

Standoff was the result of a week-long game jam that we did way back in September 2013, when we first got together to make games. We delayed releasing it because we were not satisfied with the gameplay. We decided to put it up now as a way to get advice from the gaming community.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Fun concept, beautifully executed, and overall enjoyable.

The game holds you for awhile in the first sitting, but replay value diminished after each session.
What this games really needs to keep me, and I'm assuming others is multiplayer (at the very least local multiplayer, which wouldn't be hard to implement).

... Can I please get a checkpoint?

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Great aesthetics and atmospherics! Just a shame about the repetitive nature of the gameplay and the lack of a sense of progression/development.

It is a bit more subtle than "just keep pressing down", when you get into it. The right-shot is better in terms of safety as it takes less time to withdraw to cover than when prone.

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An interesting little game...I like the idea of the high score generator...the only two things that I didnt like was the the game window was too small for my preference and I wish there was some way to regain health. I lost two health on the first level and somehow got in 3 more level without dying on one health bar and it made it a little nerve racking but again maybe that was just me.

i hate how there is only a small amount of time to kill the enemy but overall still a fun and well put together

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3.69 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2014
9:40 AM EDT
Action - Other