Nautilus Escape

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You were traveling with your comrades through the depths of the sea to explore its secrets when you heard shouting. There was a big crash and submarine darkened in a matter of seconds. You heard the captain shouting something about cowardice and shortly afterwards the sounds of fighting. You can only assume the worst, rebellion!

Will you find your final rest at the bottom of the sea or will you escape and see the daylight once more? Explore the submarine and use your wit to escape.

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Pretty good. The story is nice and makes sense, but the fate of the rebellious crew is unaccounted for. Also, kudos to you for having Captain Nemo simply die by bleeding to death from a harpoon to the leg. That's a pretty realistic way to die. As for the placement of items, the handle and metal bar's locations were a bit perplexing but since the protagonist questioned how/why they got there in the first place, I'll let it pass. The rest of the items do make sense as well. As for the puzzles, they took a bit to figure out but surprisingly, the one that involves spelling out NEMO was pretty easy to figure out yet the one involving Nemo's belt was a bit hard mainly due to not expecting to use the belt in that fashion especially since it's a bit clunky looking. Overall, you did very well with this game and it is quite fun so that is all what really matters. Nice job!

P.S. You also made a mistake where the items in the locker can be accessed with undoing the lock. It's not that bad really but should be pointed out.

i like the ending part when you finally get out of the submarine the puzzles were easy and the game was fun

Graphic was great! Game play was alright.

The four-digit code to turn on the radar was quite simple if you've paid enough attention (hint: diver's suit).

I know I must be a creative person to try the oxygen tank with the hatch cos it worked! Muahaha

Very good, but too easy. Make the next one longer and more difficult.

Great game, but as others already said, the password kills it.
Why don't you add a manual or something to the radar station that at least states that there needs to be a password entered to use the device. The fact that buttons without a letter on them don't work, does not state that this numpad is only used to enter letters in other words a password.

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3.78 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2014
5:47 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click