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GD's Pong

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Author Comments

Simple Ping-Pong game and music I made when I was 16 years old. Please wait until it loads completely.

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I like this face of 3.5 stars if the face of 3.5 stars appeared in the 5 stars rate i will give u 5 stars

First try lol. The game's ok, like everyone else saaid the idea of multiple balls is neat. The music was pretty much on point. Imo the levels were too long tho and it did get boring very fast. It isn't challenging enough if you ask me and lacks variety.

Can't pass level 4!

Gdverde responds:

Keep trying!

I agree with the guy below the fact that there is more then 1 ball is cool but its to repetitive and it gets boring after a while

Nice game and the multiple balls thing makes it more interesting, but I found it frustrating trying to control the paddle with the mouse when I couldn't see the cursor - every so often it would drift outside the game area and the paddle would stop dead, until I realised and moved it back over. Not much motivation to keep playing when the only challenge is to keep doing the same thing for longer periods, but fairly well made and could be tweaked to make a very good game.

Gdverde responds:

Now you have more space at the top and bottom for moving the cursor. I made the canvas bigger. Also, it isn't the same thing for longer periods, different balls are added over time and the enemy gets more difficult to beat. When you beat the game you will be able to save an honor title.