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Launch Bananas til' your sides split!

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Oke, this can work, but you need to put in a lot more effort.

1) Give a slider for the music, please, I put this on 5% in my volume mixer, and it blew my ear drums out of my skull.
2) I say separate the high-and-long bar into two bars that you have to stop one after the other.
3) More variety in the "obstacles" make some help you, make some stop you, add more things that are connected with banana splits, like chocolate or the umbrellas, ect.
4)Upgrade system, you absolutely need one.
5) Better graphics, the ones you have currently are a bit too simple, especially the ones on the peanuts and icecreams, I know that graphics don't make a game, but this is kinda unpleasant to look at.
6) (Optional) Little achievements that add something to the "Banana Boat" aesthetically, you get a banana-brella if you hit 100 umbrellas.
7) (Optional) Give a bit on an intro, some back-story, anything to make the player want to be part of the world, it could be as simple as "The New York Times decided they want to fling bananas at the mountain side and built a banana catapult that they names..."The Banana Boat"!

I like the music as a tune, but it is waaaay too loud, but it's nice and cheery, which is nice.
I liked the "Banana Boat" and the "Banana Moon". I thought it was cute and funny.

Who writes these games? After a record breaking load time one is faced with a "game" which has no content, no goal....nothing. Why? How?

Good but... not very appealing for me. The music's too loud and repetitive, and maybe you should make it so the catapult doesn't comes out every time and you don't have to wait after every lunch.

Its alright.. not one of my favorites, but definitely a work in progress.

Not one that I would recommend, it's on the boring side of NewGrounds, no sound effects, background doesn't move with the banana, it just stays in one place the entire time while the banana moves, the ground is the same ground over and over again, it's just...bland

Credits & Info

2.74 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2014
5:57 PM EDT
Skill - Toss