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Forest Flight

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A very short shmup.

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Maybe I just suck, but I find this as rage inducing as flappy bird. That's why I love it.
10 out of 3

It sucks that we live in a world where people see simple, hand-drawn graphics and say, "graphics suck." The visuals do not suck. The art style is certainly basic, but the concepts themselves are really cool. Pay attention to the details and you may see that they're very surreal, almost to the point of creepy. It's disturbing enough that we have a bird-like sprite escaping a forest, only to have everything else in the game look like belongs under the ocean... even the background (which has some lovely scrolling) has a watery dream-like effect. The monsters themselves look like strange, twisted versions of sea life. You've got the tongue-wagging narwhals, the icky grinning sack-like things, the human-headed worms, and the freaky crawling things that come from behind (level 4). The bosses are also creepy. The first boss has an utterly homicidal expression, and the blobfish on level three has gangly arms and legs.

I'm sorry people are missing out on the creativity you put into the artwork just because the style is somewhat primitive. To me, the simplicity just makes it spookier.

The music is fine, but I'd actually like to hear something a little less friendly.

As for the gameplay, it's perfectly fine for what it is. The controls are responsive, I ran into no glitches, and the hit detection is accurate. And while the game is short, it's actually pretty challenging.

I thought this would be a five minute throwaway game, but it roped me in. I would like to have seen a little more, maybe the enemies dropping power-ups or gems that can be spent on upgrades. But you make no illusions that the game isn't intended to be simple and short.

I beat the game. This is fun ;)

For what it is, I really like it.

quite bad