life is hard

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Life is hard game is harder !
use arrow keys to move . Enjoy :)

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is the 4th level possible?

Liike, I love the game. I love it, its just, the levels are so frustratingly hard that I just can't even. I get that the moral of the story is that life is hard, but can you make this game a /bit/ more possible???
Still, love it. Can't get past level three...

Well, I get the message. This really feels like life. It's so unfairly hard you even doubt it is even possible to beat, yet it is. Life is hard, unfair, overwhelming and unbearable. So is this game. Congratulations, you did it: you represented life in a game. It's too bad I couldn't take it anymore and got to the 4th level I think, I really wanted to know the rest of the story. I know this game will be hated for it's pretentiousness, since it is not really a game...it's art. Therefore, it sucks as a game. But as art it nails it. I hope you can overlook the hate reviews and be happy with what you accomplished: a faithful representation of life —and a fucking unplayable one, too :D.

There are times when games are hard because you suck, and time when games are hard because of bad level design. This game is the latter. It's one thing when you fail because you jumped too early. But in this case, you fail because you barely made a jump, which is pretty unfair considering that in games you should be able to learn from your mistakes. I suggest you watch a couple of Extra Credits videos to learn how to make your game better. It is only then that you will get higher ratings. Until then, I am afraid it's a one. I would normally rate higher, but this game doesn't have anything unique about it. Sorry.

Way to hard. On level 3 you die instantly! Level 4 is impossible! At least meat boy was possible! Did you even test your own god dam game?!

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2.96 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2014
8:17 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle